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“Email marketing and telemarketing are both very effective methods of increasing a company’s brand recognition and bottom line sales. The reason being they both use the same principles of a highly personal approach, encouragement of customer interaction and immediate response mechanisms. Therefore it makes complete sense to use these two methods in conjunction with one another to maximize business sales.”
Lee Ingram,
Managing Director of Fintan UK

55% of our communication comes from our body language. Over the phone, we lose more than half of our means to communicate effectively. Face to face selling is hard enough and yet, with telemarketing, we need to succeed with less than half of our communication tools. So we need sharpened skills to use the tools we have left. What are needed are powerful words and a credible voice that will influence the caller to make decisions based on our recommendations.

With Effective Telemarketing, participants will:

  • Practice voice clarity, calibration, contrast and control
  • Avoid undesirable voice characteristics over the phone
  • Use powerful and motivating words
  • Avoid words that project tentativeness, uncertainty and lack of confidence
  • Handle inquiries to sell and not just to inform
  • Use effective openers for out-bound calls
  • Handle objections given the limited time of phone transactions

This program is designed for all people who sell over the phone.


“I strongly agree that achieving a good sales contact is not just purely using common sense. It takes a great deal of communicating with our public and an effective tool is telemarketing. All along I thought I could do it by myself. Never realized that a refined script does it more efficiently and effectively.”
Alex Ferras – Branch Head, Bank of the Philippine Islands

“Telemarketing is a very general and broad topic but with Guthrie-Jensen, they help you effectively understand and narrow down the learning and concept of telemarketing.”
Margarita Angeles – CQuadrant

“If you object, then be prepared to be convinced that your objection is really just a feeling of doubt on your part. Of course, the Guthrie way!”
Hershey R. Angeles – CQuadrant

“The trainer took great steps to know us deeply so that examples cited are very relevant, thus making the discussions more effective.”
Rose Vitto – Accounting Manager,

“I used to hate making cold calls. After the seminar, I wanted to rush out and call an inactive account!”
Raffy Vicente – Account Manager,

”Highly recommended for companies who are more on the marketing aspect of the organization.”
Cherrie Dela Cruz – AM/Branch Head, Bank of the Philippine Islands

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