Effective Media Skills: A Media Relations Workshop

Companies recognizes the power of the media in affecting their business objectives and reputation to all its stakeholders.  To protect and strengthen one’s position and credibility in the industry, it is necessary for members of management to be equipped with the knowledge and skills to effectively deal and communicate with the media.

Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Media Skills training program is especially designed to equip managers, executives, corporate communications professionals, and company spokespersons with real-world, practical knowledge and skills to uphold the image of the organization.  This program will equip management with the needed skills and confidence to manage the media as well as the work they produce.

At the end of the Effective Media Skills program, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of media coverage on the organization’s image and operations.
  • Know and understand the operations of different Philippine media organizations.
  • Clearly and confidently communicate with media professionals.
  • Learn media handling and management with interactive workshops and activities.
  • Prepare for and manage media interviews and inquiries.
  • Prepare and use effective talking points for interviews.
  • Conduct successful press briefings.
  • Write clear and effective press releases.
  • Protect confidential information effectively.
  • Build relationships with media professionals.
  • Pitch stories to enhance long-term credibility for the organization.

This program is designed for top management, company managers and executives, spokespersons, public relations and corporate communication professionals, as well as company crisis teams.

Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Media Skills.  Media skills training at its best!


As a PR practitioner who operated primarily in California, there has been some incredible insight in this seminar that pertains particularly to the nuances in the Philippine Media (that I need now).  The information has been invaluable and Ralph was a joy to learn from.”

Janthina C. Fong 
Corporate Communications Officer
Karamar Corporation (Jewelmer)

“The AHA’s that you get from the training experiences with Guthrie-Jensen are dynamic, innovative, and new.  Good trainer with very big hear in believing that positive changes will happen after.  Keep it up!”

Ari Ben Canaan L. Tan
Human Resources Manager
Marlow Navigation Philippines, Inc.

“Coming from an NGO that is only starting to build a communications department, I am very excited to put into practice all the learnings and knowledge and information that I gained from the effective media skills.  The potential to build and effective and key department is there and the session/program has given me the tools to do so.”

Melissa Ines R. Evora
Communications Officer
Fit for School, Inc.

“One of the best trainings I have ever attended!”

Myra Cresencia V. Rivera
Human Resources Department Manager
Angeles Electric Corporation

“The entire program was full of information. I’ve learned a lot in terms of things to improve from my part and eventually apply the things and theories from the session. Great facilitator, speaker and teacher!”

Yhol S. Colegado
Brand and Communication Specialist
Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc.

“It is really helpful, especially so I could change my perspective from that of a media practitioner to a public relations person.”

Juliana J. Santos
Editorial Head – University
Communications and Public Relations Office
Ateneo De Manila University

“The workshops are excellent. The opportunities for practice that they provide are helpful.  And of course, fun too!”

Haydee A. Sy
Director – Institutional Marketing Communications
De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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