Effective Appointment Setting

So your sales people know their products’ features and benefits. They know how to ask questions to tailor their presentation according to their customers’ needs. They even make outstanding presentations. They are armed to the teeth. They are ready… but they can’t seem to get their foot inside the door! They can’t set the appointment! All ready and no where to go… So they do cold calls but prospects see them as interruptions and refuse to give them the time of day. They stick to making appointments solely based on referrals and end up limiting the growth of their customer base.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Appointment Setting Training, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Get through the toughest secretaries with ease, authority and even rapport
  • Gain the prospect’s interest without having to sell him the product or service over the phone
  • Get the prospect to willingly give an appointment
  • Overcome common put-offs and objections such as “I’m busy”, “I already have a supplier”, “I’m not interested” and “Send me a proposal”

This program is designed for sales people who make appointments over the phone.


“Excellent approach in teaching sales management and appointment getting to sales and management professionals. American style in the Philippine setting.”
Ariestides J. Rosales – Team Manager, People Support, Philippines

Guthrie-Jensen’s Effective Appointment Setting Training.  Sales training at its its best!

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