Developing Service-Oriented Support Teams

To serve external clients effectively, organizations place a premium on excellent service provided by sales and customer service teams.  Hence, companies invest in the learning and development of these professionals, who are usually considered front liners.

However, the delivery of excellent service to external clients does not fall on them alone.  Behind the success of front liners are professionals who provide the necessary support.  These include professionals from accounting and finance, production/manufacturing, engineering, logistics, administration, and other departments.  Aside from performing support roles, these professionals must work together to help the organization meet its business objectives.

The challenge: constant pressure, deadlines, diverse personalities, and other limitations often cause tension among front-liners and the support groups.  And when they have difficulty coping, some succumb to refusing to cooperate and communicate with other people and departments.  Others produce output that is late or lacking in quality.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s training seminar, Developing Service-Oriented Support Teams, your front-liners and support groups will be able to

  • Exceed customer expectations by boosting team performance through mutual accountability.
  • Develop a sharper service mindset that would benefit both internal and external customers.
  • Instill a sense of urgency in relation to serving internal and external clients.
  • Work more smoothly with other teams by developing greater emotional intelligence.
  • Prevent internal disputes that affect delivery of service to internal customers.
  • Break down silos that prevent professionals from working and communicating smoothly with each other.
  • Foster more positive interdepartmental / cross functional relationships.
  • Heighten participants’ level of sensitivity, flexibility, and adaptability.
  • Transform “ordinary” relationships into effective, cooperative and trusting relationships.

Ensure the loyalty of your customers with great support teams.  Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Developing Service-Oriented Support Teams today!

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