Creating Customer Loyalty through Service Recovery

Organizations invest many resources and much effort to gain new customers. But what are they doing to keep these customers? Repeat customers are a source of continued revenues for the organization. And if they are well taken care of, they even become advocates of your product or service – by word-of-mouth or word-of-click.

The challenge: today’s clients have greater demands and expectations. Thanks to changes in the economic, social, and technological environment, clients are harder to acquire, please, and retain. They can easily switch to competitors. Some clients are more temperamental and may complain more easily. Likewise, how do people deal with complaining clients who even delay the service to other clients lined up? What is the best way to respond to clients who blame people for events that are not within their control?

They don’t just need to hone their service skills. They need to be supported by a service recovery system. Good leadership gives direction to service teams. But a Service Blueprint ensures consistent service regardless of the number of people, branches or sites.

With Guthrie-Jensen’s training innovation, Creating Customer Loyalty through Service Recovery, you and your people will be able to

  • Today’s customers have greater expectations given today’s economic, social, and technological environment. Respond with up-to-date strategies and skills to effectively deal with today’s customers.
  • Develop and implement a Service Blueprint for your organization, enabling a company and its professionals to roll out an effective complaint management system.
  • Revisit your client management strategy to identify areas for improvement for your team for organization.
  • Learn from the best practices of organizations worldwide that are able to shift complaints into opportunities.
  • Further enhance one’s level of emotional intelligence to be in greater control when handling difficult clients.
  • Implement a more proactive method of soliciting feedback from clients.
  • Handle client complaints more effectively
  • Convert loyal customers into advocates who will bring additional customers to your business.

Turn loyal customers into advocates. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Creating Customer Loyalty through Service Recovery today!

This program is recommended for


  • Complaints = The Waterloo of Companies
  • Risks Involved in Poor Complaint Handling
  • Fast Resolutions to Complaints
  • Recording Complaints Internally
  • Generating Options for Improvement
  • Service Blueprinting: Setting Stanards
  • Identification of “Red” Touchpoints
  • Aligning People and Processes with Your Strategy
  • Diagnosing Your Service Style
  • The Different Elements of A Complaint Management Strategy
  • Is Your Company Encouraging Customers to Complain?
  • Turning Customers into Advocates

Who Should Attend the Program  

  • Customer Service, Relationship Supervisors and Managers
  • Team Leaders, Managers and Supervisors
  • Customer Service Representatives, Sales and Account Executives
  • Sales Managers

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