Cooperative Communication Skills

Contrary to popular opinion, the objective of communication is not simply to express yourself. The objective of communication is to gain the response that you seek. For instance, you may want to shout back at a shouting customer or co-employee – but will that gain the response that you seek? Or will it worsen the situation?

Especially in the world of business, the objective of communication is to gain cooperation whether it is from an external or an internal customer. Organizations who aim to deliver excellent service need to have people who avoid knee-jerk reactions and instead consciously and willfully communicate to gain the cooperation of those they do business with.

With Cooperative Communication Skills, participants will:

  • Get rid of thought barriers, misconceptions or pre-conceived notions that hinder cooperation
  • Avoid bad listening habits
  • Practice active listening
  • Avoid body language, voice characteristics and words that elicit undesirable reactions
  • Use communication that gains cooperation


“The speaker made me realize my potentials to be an effective member of a team.”
Richie – Domain Manager, Sungard System Access

“Excellent workshop our company really need this kind of seminar. It enlightened each and everyone of us and I think the team was revived a new.”
Robert Kimmayong Jr. – Senior Service Engineer, Zafire Distribution

“Guthrie-Jensen has made quality service a reality.”
Christine Catolico – Exec. Secretary Finance & Controlling, DHL Danzas

“Well-developed, planned, discussed topics are presented which of course redound to the benefit of all concerned, improving the job performance and work relationship between principal/agency, employee/seafarer, employee/employer.”
R. Remlocsin – BSS Supervisor, Barber Ship Management

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