Comprehensive Corporate Selling

There is no activity more vital to the economy’s health than selling. At the same time, there is no activity more dependent on individual initiative than this. For these reasons, companies formulate commission schemes, performance bonuses and other incentive packages.

But selling is not just a matter of initiative. It is first and foremost, a skill. A skill is developed. From the nature of the word alone, development connotes a continuous process. No one floats, especially in today’s competitive market. One either rises or sinks.

Guthrie-Jensen’s Comprehensive Corporate Selling program has been designed for the sales people who aim to rise – to be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits that will make them champions. After the program, the participants will:

  • Develop the right mindset and Sales Attitude
  • Learn to identify and sell only to qualified prospects
  • Apply skills in Effective Appointment Setting
  • Practice Strategic Sales Probing
  • Understand the psychology of the different decision-influencers within an organization
  • Tailor presentation to the prospect’s key buying motive
  • Make persuasive presentations
  • Handle objections fearlessly and effectively
  • Read buying signals and close the deal

This program is designed for sales people who sell to organizations.


“Guthrie-Jensen opened another perspective for me to look into in my sales career. What they taught us gave us hope in overcoming challenges in sales.”
Higenia Villaserata – Sales Officer, Security Bank

“Guthrie-Jensen knows what they are talking about, shows what they are talking about. And experienced what they are talking bout. I am looking forward to having GJ as part of my life, in business, in careers, in the future. Keep loving what you do, it shows. More power to all.”
Andrew C. Dy – Branch Manager, Security Bank

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