Communication Strategies in a Diverse and Global Environment

Productivity in the workplace depends on a professional’s ability to communicate with and influence others effectively.  Nowadays, this is easier said than done, especially if the organization deals with

  • A globalized environment that imposes changes on the team or organization’s communication practices.
  • More foreign clients and global counterparts as well as greater demands from them.
  • Diversity in the workplace composition and culture.
  • The need to communicate successfully in a cross-functional and cross-cultural setup. 

In order to succeed in a global and diverse environment, companies and professionals need new, stronger communication strategies.  And while these strategies were needed only by top-level executives in the past, nowadays, they are expected at all levels of the organization — most especially at the middle management level.

Influence people more effectively across cultures, borders, and time zones.  Align people more successfully and lead them towards achieving the strategy and goals of the organization.  With Guthrie-Jensen’s Communication Strategies in A Diverse and Global Environment Seminar, you and your colleagues will be able to

  • Communicate with and influence people more effectively by fully understanding communication flow in the organization.
  • Increase productivity by customizing leadership messages and tailor-fit them to different audiences regardless of age, culture, affiliation, and communication styles.
  • Communicate with global clients more effectively.
  • Identify and adjust your communication style to best respond to the communication style and behavior of others.
  • Build better relationships with superiors, peers and global counterparts.
  • Ensure clear and collaborative communication all the time.
  • Create a culture of excellent communication between global offices, teams and individuals.
  • Avoid pitfalls and reap the benefits of a multicultural and multinational workforce. 
  • Enhance relationships with internal and external clients.

Build stronger communication with internal and external clients. Unlock the key to productivity and success. Join Guthrie-Jensen’s Communication Strategies in A Diverse and Global Environment!

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