Call Center Excellence

Calls gushing from their headsets and into their ears… The clock is ticking and they are being timed and recorded…their every move is being evaluated. In the midst of this pressure, call center agents have to treat each caller as the most important person in existence!

Their success depends on their ability to speak clearly, develop rapport with every caller, articulate a passion to meet and exceed caller expectations, handle difficult situations and end each call positively.

With Call Center Excellence, participants will:

  • Develop a Service Attitude (link to Service Attitude Program)
  • Understand what callers expect from Call Center Agents
  • Project Telephone Excellence (link to Telephone Excellence Skills program)
  • Adjust their communication style with that of the customer
  • Use effective questioning techniques to determine caller needs
  • Improve their listening skills
  • Avoid turn-offs such as dead air
  • Control the call positively
  • Carry out Effective Complaint Handling (link to Effective Complaint Handling program)

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