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Strategic Human Resources Management

Does your organization need HR makeover?

Does it take so long and cost more to get the best people for the job? Do you have the structure and systems in place to support the strategy of your company?

With Strategic Human Resources Management, you will:

  • Maximize resources by operating lean and mean
  • Boost your productivity per employee
  • Capitalize on industry and market opportunities by aligning your recruitment and training policies
  • Provide opportunity for succession and people development
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Improve your firm’s operational efficiency
  • Discover how human resource management plugs into the overall competitive strategy
  • Assess if the organization is doing strategic HR or not
  • Understand the strategic HR roadmap
  • Hire the right people all the time
  • Design appraisal strategies that will really move people forward and upward
  • Find out how reward practices, career development and traitraining human resource management ning can train and motivate your people
  • Manage employer and employee relationships more effectively
  • Turn employee exits into learning situations
  • Make HR really pay off for the company

Stay strategically fit. Make HR the agent organization’s success.

This program is designed for top executives and HR practitioners and other key personnel who plan and execute human resource functions in the organization


“Excellent program. Tackles all issues and concern.”
Jose Valentino G. Dave – HRD/Legal Manager, UTI Global Logistics Inc.

“The program is very helpful and practical. I will Be looking forward to attend other upcoming seminars. Trainors and the support are very friendly.”
Liz Manalansan – HRM, Avon Cosmetics

“Guthrie – Jensen would really help you in your organization. Providing all the theories and practice that could be applied in your own organization.”
Rachelle Torres – HR Officer, Rural Bank of Central Pangasinan



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